Our solution

a Mana Project: Empowering teachers to stimulate discovery and curiosity in real-world play using STEM activities for preschool children.

What is a Mana Project?

a Mana Project is a preschool teacher’s go-to resource center for engaging STEM activities and lesson plans.

It allows teachers to quickly access and share STEM activities that encourage play, discovery and problem-solving.

It’s a community of like-minded educators who share the belief that all students are capable of understanding the living world.

How will a Mana Project help me?

Find STEM activities quickly

Reduce time spent browsing for lessons so you can spend more time engaging with your students

Access quality resources

Accept donations for materials you need to teach STEM or give to a teacher in need!

Build your community

Grow your network of STEM connections, empower others with your classroom experience, and get inspired through communal support.

Expand your opportunities

Build one another up by selling and purchasing ready-to-go STEM lessons. Create a side income that gratifies your hard work.

Why it works

The most common question from a preschooler? WHY?

A Mana Project believes STEM lesson plans should not only explain the what, but the why. Our activity templates are designed to help teachers excite their students to play with science, technology, engineering and mathematical concepts in a fun way, while also understanding WHY they are doing it.